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Your Curiosity In-depth

Build your presence, lifestyle and business.


Who is Jarrett Yew?

My mission is to help other like-minded individuals thrive through their interests in lives.

I am an advocate of remote working.

Since graduation, my work has always been gearing towards remote working. The freedom that I acquired through remote experience has been spectacular. But sometimes, I wish life could have been more interesting, therefore I decided to embark the pursuit of one-person business.

What is a one-person business?

Although riches are in the niches, it’s not as easy to pursue something just for the sake of money. You can start of, but how long can you last? 1 month? 6 months? 1 year? What if it takes at least 5 years to see the result?

Therefore, one-person business is a model to explore your curiosities about the things that you like at the moment. You’re not bounded by the niches because you do you. With the right strategies, you will be able to attract your dream customers.

What’s great is that they follow you because they’re similar and relatable to you. Therefore, there will be mutual trust and respect between each other. What’s better than serving the community that are somewhat like you?